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"The beat was amazing. Slow but powerful. It took me to a wonderful place in my head. I would definitely listen to this again."

Raw feedback, Maybe You

I love how simple these beats are! The beats kind of remind me of something Beck would put out. Its a little futuristic which I love, this would be perfect used in a game!

Someone nice Maybe You
Create Songs

Select a filter (or advanced options like genre, intensity, and speed) and Boomy will make you fully-produced produce songs by leveraging the latest advances in musical artificial intelligence.

Share Everywhere

Share the songs you make with boomy anywhere, without worrying about takedowns or copyright claims. Instagram? YouTube? Twitch? Retail store? Go for it!

Own It All

Want to sell your song or remix it for commercial purposes? No problem - you can buy full ownership of any song you make for just $19.

Drop the Mic

Are you a musician? Export tracked-out stems from your boomy songs in high-quality WAV format with a single click, and import them into your DAW.

Boomy Premium

Upgrade to Boomy Premium for $8.99 (you should do this).

  • Create & save unlimited songs
  • Download your songs in high-quality WAV format
  • Access exclusive sound options, styles, and features
  • Make songs with "Unlimited" production filter, with no creative restrictions
  • Export your songs as tracked-out stems in uncompressed WAV format, compatible with any DAW like GarageBand, Abelton, Logic Pro, and more.

How Boomy Works

It's only instantly generated songs inspired by a combination of machine learning and traditional algorithms, but we like it.


Boomy uses a variety of algorithms, some assisted by machine learning, to generate musical compositions with your input.


At the heart of boomy's song quality is a custom production engine that supports nearly unlimited sounds.


Boomy gets smarter as you save more songs, learning what makes a song you love.

Do you make AI music?

Let's work together. We license and buy processes for instant generation of unique musical styles - we're not tied to any single technology or method.

Expanded FAQ

Excruciating detail for excruciating people

Who are you?

Boomy is built by a growing team of musicians, producers, and avid music technologists with a passion for creative artificial intelligence.

Where does the music come from?

You! When you set options and click "generate song," you're giving boomy everything it needs to start developing musical ideas and fully-produced songs for you to accept or reject.

These songs sound strange - how can I make them better?

Boomy's core artificial intelligence technology is unique in that it optimizes for creativity rather than accuracy. Being creative means making mistakes! Try regenerating your song until it makes something you like, then save it to edit the song's production and composition.

What is composition?

Composition is the underlying musical work - the notes of the song. You can think of this like the paper sheet music that a song is written down on. This is the first part of what boomy does.

What is production?

Production is the sound and style applied during a recording of a song. You can think of this like a piano player performing and recording notes written down on sheet music. This is the second part of what boomy does.

Who owns the songs made by Boomy?

By default, ownership of songs produced by Boomy is assigned to Boomy Corporation (including masters and publishing copyright). You can buy ownership of your songs for a low fee by clicking "buy" in your song library - you should do this if you have an advanced commercial use. For more on this, please refer to our Terms and Conditions, EULA, and Privacy Policy.

What am I allowed to do with songs I make on Boomy for free?

You can use Boomy songs in your online videos and livestreams, social media posts, play them in public, and generally use them for most reasonable commercial and non-commercial uses. If you want to create a new song out of your Boomy song, or "derivative work," (for example, if you want to use the Boomy song as a background track for your own vocals) you'll need to buy ownership of the song. If you want to sell the the song in stores or distribute it to streaming services, you'll need to buy ownership of the song.

After I buy ownership from Boomy, are there any limits on use of my song?

None whatsoever - once you own your song, you are free to change, edit, and use that song in any way you'd like.

What if boomy accidentally creates song that is substantially similar to an existing copyrighted musical work?

The chances of this happening are infinitesimally small, but if you feel boomy has created an infringing work, please let us know immediately at legal@boomy.com. We comply with relevant DMCA and other copyright regulations. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and associated EULA.

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